Crepe Montagne - Whistler

Sunday (this is a couple of weeks ago now) was beautiful in Whistler and we had purchased our tickets for the Peak 2 Peak gondola, so that was good. Needless to say, the view from the top was spectacular.

We did some hiking around, saw some marmots and enjoyed a wrap at the Roundhouse Lodge. We saw that mountain bikers are able to take the gondola all the way to the top of the Whistler and ride all the way down! Great fun! Of course, on the ride down Whistler, we spotted a black bear loping across the ski runs and we assume that there were some surprised cyclists. 
Having hit the slopes early, we were down in time for a late lunch. We decided to try something a little different and went to Crepe Montagne. We got off to a good start by being welcomed by very friendly staff and seated at a lovely outdoor table where we could watch the world going by. We ordered the appetizer Raclette and fell into conversation about our enjoyable morning etc.
After close to 30 minutes, we realized that we were getting very hungry and so we got the attention of someone (not our server) who wandered within contact distance. It certainly seemed that our order had been forgotten as what arrived, was not the product of complicated time-consuming preparation. A couple of slices of cheese melted over bacon and ham and some broccoli and cauliflower was not what we expected. It was tasty enough with the cheese and bacon being rich and the vegetables nicely offsetting the richness. It just seemed very haphazardly thrown together as when an order is forgotten and then rushed. Even a couple more minutes of melting wouldn't have hurt. It was a little disappointing.
The Mushrooms with Ham in Cream Sauce Crepes were definitely the highlight of our meal. The crepes were nicely made featuring buckwheat flour, and the filling was rich and tasty. At $25, we found the pricing to be a bit extravagant, however. Crepes are not such a profoundly difficult thing to make that the price is merited. Still...Whistler.
I talked Mharie out of the Banana Caramel Crepes that she wanted for dessert and into the Crepes Suzzette. I didn't think about the fact that the magic of flambe doesn't really work in the mid-day sunlight. Nor does the flame do its work with the wind all around. The result was that the kirsch when poured over the crepe still tasted strongly of alcohol. That was not the plan. The crepes were tasty enough again and a nice dessert but not mind-blowing.
Apparently, there is inside seating but on a beautiful day, who cares? We chose Crepe Montagne because it was a little bit unique. It serves something that you don't see a lot and we always like to go out on a limb. Unfortunately, we weren't blown away even though the possibility was there. If you order a flambe, make sure that you are inside. 
Food                2 1/2 out of 5
Comfort           3 1/2 out of 5
Service             2 1/2 out of 5
Value                2 1/2 outof 5

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