Win-Win Chick-N - Vanfoodster's Fried Chicken Sandwich Challenge

The first time that we visited Win-Win at their original location in Steveston a little over 2 years ago, I was ebullient in my praise for what seemed to me to be the best fried chicken that we had ever tasted in Metro Vancouver! On our visit to their second, South Vancouver location, I still hold their chicken in the highest esteem (if you can esteem fried chicken) with a couple of provisos!

Located at Main and S E Marine Drive, location two is bare bones just like the first outlet. They have room to have 2 or 3 tables and still follow COVID rules but choose to remain open only for take-out, not unlike many other places. 
We made the trip because we wanted to try their entry in Vanfoodster's Fried Chicken Sandwich Challenge and I can tell you that the WW Crispy Chicken Sandwich (right off their regular menu and a steal at $11.99) is spectacular. It was freshly fried as we heard the order relayed to the kitchen and so the dark meat chicken was crispy and hot while being moist and tender. There are not any unnecessary ingredients on the sandwich. A little mayo and lettuce on a great soft bun and whatever spice mix is on their chicken. Fantastic and our favourite of the challenge so far!
We also ordered a 3 piece snack which comes with one side. This was the same wonderful chicken but it had spent some time (I don't know how much) under the heat lamps. As a result, much of the crispiness was gone. Still delicious and perfect inside but a little less impressive. If you go, insist that your chicken comes straight from the fryer!
For our side, we chose Filipino Style Macaroni. If you have never tried it, do so. It is something a little different being on the sweeter side with ground beef and hot dog slices. Strange but true and kind of tasty!
We were a little annoyed that their bathroom was either out of order or only for staff (although it was in the public area). We were told both stories which makes me feel like maybe one or the other is untrue. To be honest our front counter interaction was a little disappointing as we encountered either shitty teenager attitude or someone who has never been taught how to talk to customers. If you read this blog, you will know that I rarely if ever, crap on anyone or anything. We have literally written about our experiences in over 100 restaurants (whether take out or dine in) since the pandemic began and realize how tough it is for people in the business. That doesn't mean we're going to tolerate disrespect in return. Maybe someone was having a bad day but really, is that an excuse? Nevertheless, this is still the best fried chicken that money can buy around here. Don't miss out!
Food                 4 out of 5  ( the soggy knocked it down from a 5 last time)
Comfort            2 out of 5  (no bathroom for customers)
Service             2 out of 5
Value                4 out of 5

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