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The Port Moody Winter Farmer's Market is a pleasant little outdoor market with a lot of vendors of produce and products leaning towards the organic and whole foods end of the spectrum. So you can imagine that a food truck specializing in plant-based menu items might fit in well.

The fact that they serve burgers and fries and shakes is not startling in itself but the quality of the product (especially considering that it is plant-based) is!
We started with an order of Wings and we chose the sweet and spicy sauce. I'm going to come right out and assume that they are using seitan as their near chicken product and say that it is quite tasty. I've played around with seitan at home (the vital wheat gluten product and not the dark lord). The texture is pretty good, the flavour 'meaty' and it fries up nice and crispy! These were some pretty decent vegan wings!
We went all out and ordered a Veganator! This sandwich includes a deep-fried 'chick'n' patty as well as their beyond patty (I'm not sure if they are referring to the commercially available Beyond Meat or their own recipe). At any rate, it came with really good veg bacon, cheese, and sauce not to mention, lettuce, tomato and onion. This was an amazing sandwich! Way on the messy side, I could hardly get my paw around it to hold it for a picture! Find these guys to get yourself a Veganator!
The fries were good too and come with your choice of sauces. These are the type of fries that are coated with something (rice flour?) and so are extra crispy.
Finally, knowing that we would pay as it was a cold morning, we had to try a shake. Plant-based shakes can be challenging and this one was coconut-based. We ordered Cookies and Cream and enjoyed it greatly! Note the biodegradable straw. Veg Out makes sure that all its containers are environmentally friendly. We did notice that there was no place at this community park where things could be properly recycled or separated for composting. If a business is being conscientious at its own expense, we need to make sure that our public spaces are doing the same.
Definitely worth your while to find the Veg Out Food Truck.
Food                 4 out of 5
Comfort            NA (really....its a make your own comfort)
Service             4 out of 5 (pretty quick to get the order ready)
Value                4 out of 5 (not cheap but good value all the same)

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