Vanfoodster's Cinnamon Bun Challange 2020

For one reason or another, we rarely seem to complete a Vanfoodster challenge (living in Aldergrove is part of the reason) but this time, we did it! It was the perfect challenge for the month of October 2020 as it has been Vegetarian Awareness Month (as you may or may not have been aware) and generally, cinnamon buns tend to be meat-free! As we often say, our worst day cinnamon bunning is better than our best day fishing (is that the saying?). What I'm trying to say is that there are no losers! These were all great and other than the calories and extra working out thus required, we enjoyed this challenge immensely!

We started at Solly's Bagelry where a very practical handle was added to the Lollybun making it a hands-free experience! It was essentially 2 thin cinnamon buns with a layer of cream cheese icing between. Three cinnamon hearts had been added for a nice bit of colour. It was a tasty shareable treat and perhaps produced the least guilt in terms of sugar/fat consumption of all the challenge entries. 
Our travels soon took us to Hugos Churros and Tacos at McArthur Glen Outlet Mall where I am convinced that the name outlet mall incorrectly suggests that deals are to be had. Anyway, the challenge entry at Hugo's was basically a churro rolled up into a convenient cinnamon bun shape. Served with amazing chocolate and caramel sauces (and hot out of the fryer) this made us curl our toes in delight!
A drive up to Deep Cove always requires a nice walk along a beautiful waterfront and the best accompaniment for that is good coffee and an amazing cinnamon bun. This was Mharie's choice for #1 in the challenge. The bun itself was lighter than some of the competition while the cinnamon sugar and cream cheese icing were present in general amounts. Worth the drive!
Our final stop was at Italia Bakery for the Maple Glazed Pumpkin Bun. On our stop guess who we ran into? Yes the challenge master himself was there tasting this impressive entry. As an advocate of eating pumpkins rather than carving and wasting them, I was pleased that this cinnamon bun was pumpkin-based complete with pumpkin seeds sprinkled on top. This was my choice for the top choice in the challenge.
Anyway, that's what we have to say about this challenge.
Unfortunately, next month's challenges, the Burger Challenge and the Fried Chicken Challenge run headfirst into World Vegan Month which will be taking priority in this space.

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