Whistler Weekend - Part Three and Yaas Grill Restaurant

The second of my top three favourite Whistler things this weekend was my 6 am walk around the empty village. I know its freakish to be up and happy at that time of day but I get my sleep being incapable of wakefulness post 11 pm. So the morning is my time when you people are not in my way and the air is sweet and clear.
Have you ever seen the Olympic Rings without a lineup of tourists waiting to take selfies? No, of course, you haven't. Blessed are we, the early risers.
And here is my absolute favourite place in the village without you and your noisy kids (just kidding...sort of). Eventually, I got back, Marie stirred and we went down to breakfast (again, thanks Berts).
So you know what breakfast in a hotel is like, right? If I had paid $19  for this, as it is listed, I would be a little disappointed. Surprisingly, the poached eggs were actually a little undercooked but the potatoes and bacon were fine. Why do pork breakfast sausages even exist?
The $19 pancake breakfast actually consists of 3 but we asked for just 2 knowing we wouldn't eat them. We just wanted to try them. Meh. Just a vehicle for syrup. Once the syrup is gone, pancakes are done. So we hit the road home at around  10.
We stopped a few times on the way home just to enjoy our beautiful province.
Lunch was a North Vancouver plan. As you are probably aware, North Van has a significant Iranian population (Iranian - Canadian is what I am probably supposed to say) and therefore some Iranian food is to be had. Scout Magazine's "Never Heard Of It" list has a couple of these places listed and we have been intending to visit Yaas Grill House.
Apparently, Yaas has been heard of by now. They have 2 outlets just a few blocks apart. We stopped at the first one that we spotted and I'm not sure if it is the original outlet or not. Just off the freeway on Lonsdale is a convenient location.
We started with an eggplant dip (they were out of the smoked eggplant) with pita and some house-made pickles. This was the best pita that we have ever had. They make it in house and it has some beautiful char and was hot and perfect! Also amazing was the eggplant dip (could have used some salt) and I am not sure what the specific flavours in the pickles were but they were also excellent!
The ground meat skewers were as expected. Nicely charred and served with very good basmati rice, grilled tomato and a little side of sumac. Number one on the menu is a bargain and a winner. 
The Sunday specials both had sour cherry rice on the side. I had never heard of this but was immediately convinced that it was critical to my life experience! And it was amazing as you would expect! After lunch, we walked up the road to a Persian grocery to buy sour cherries and I have tried to recreate this since then! The Sunday special offered lamb shank as one main. This was fall-apart tender and tasty! At $15 this is a smoking deal. Come here on Sunday for this!
So the lady who took our order was not too friendly but she had a neck brace and probably should have been home recuperating. Food was delivered to our table wordlessly by another server and we got the feeling that we were not such amazing customers. 
No sense being judgemental though as we don't know what is going on in their lives. The food was great and the value indisputable. This has been a pretty good weekend!
Food 4 out of 5
Service 2 out of 5
Comfort 3 out of 5
Value 4 out of 5

Yaas Grill House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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