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Don't panic! Chi is the name of the chef/owner here and this place is not named for the mysterious pseudoscientific life force that many purveyors of woo will try to convince you of. Thank goodness for that but I worry, that not everyone will understand that. I learned about CV while listening to the Vanfoodster podcast and put it on my list immediately.
So there was a little confusion about opening time. I spoke to someone at the restaurant on Saturday and they assured me that they opened at 11:30 on Sunday. The sign on the door and the website says the same thing but a phone message on Sunday morning said that they opened 12! Eventually, they seemed to open at 11:45 which is a reasonable compromise. Check and confirm in advance. We enjoyed a little walk along 4th Avenue near Cypress while waiting for them to open.
We started by trying a couple of their appetizers. The first was the Lobster Summer Roll. Each of the "meats" at this vegan restaurant was either soy, gluten or other substitute based. To me, a substitute is not always necessary and the "lobster" here did not really provide anything impressive. The roll was tasty and the peanut miso dip was amazing but more noodles or veggies could easily have replaced the"lobster".
The Pot Stickers were really something impressive. Deeply crusted with a very good ginger-soy chilli sauce, they were richly flavoured compared to some vegan dumplings that we have had! You must order these! There are 4 to an order.
Marie wanted to try the Crispy Chicken Sandwich and as substitutes go, this was a pretty good piece of "chicken" They didn't overdo it on the toppings, just a pretty good bun and some basic tomato, onion and aioli. The fries were great also having a bit of a coating on them. They were super crispy.
We also had the Tumeric Fish which was also a very good tofu fish with seaweed skin! I almost could have been fooled on this one but to my knowledge, there are no boneless fish in the ocean! This was an enjoyable bowl with vinegar and fish sauce on the side and lots of rice noodles and veggies. Loved the crispy shallots on top.

Chi Vegan is a comfortable space. We were well spaced out and the servers seem conscientious about distancing and such. We are impressed with their attitude towards the value of vegan food. You can read their philosophy on their website.
Food 4 out of 5
Service 3 out of 5 (let's get those opening hours sorted)
Comfort 4 out of 5
Value 4 out of 5

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