Helm's Kitchen - Abbotsford, BC

It started when we spotted an old sign at Aldergrove's ghost mall that read, "Helm's Kitchen". "There must have been a Lord of the Rings themed cafe here!" I thought (Nope. I eventually found out that its the family name) Then one day while out on a walk, I spotted 2 mobile kitchens in a driveway marked Helm's Kitchen. So they made my list but like everything else on my list, it took forever to get there. A couple of weeks ago, I spotted one of those kitchens set up at our local fruit and vegetable store in Aldergrove, Hamilton Farms. I finally got there yesterday and I now regret the delay!

As is my custom, I ordered too much for Mharie and me to eat for dinner but portions here make that easy to do. We started with the classic HK Burger, which with fries is either $13 or $15 (can't remember...total for all 3 items was $45 and turned out to be enough for 4 meals).
This was most certainly one of the best burgers that we have ever had. It was an 8oz hand-formed patty that was perfectly cooked with a nice crusty exterior and supremely beefy flavour. You may think that the beefy flavour goes without saying but you know that a processed frozen fast-food burger would not be described as beefy. Smothered in cheddar and mozzarella, with a couple of excellent tomato slices, lettuce and a really good bun and a side of really crispy fries. This was pretty well a perfect combo that will satisfy the heartiest appetite! Definitely worth driving out of your way to wherever they are. Next up was an amazing Crispy Tandoori Chicken Sandwich.
We were impressed with the portion size and the perfect doneness this time of a crispy chicken breast. Again with a couple of beautiful tomato slices, lettuce etc., and here we ordered poutine instead of fries for $2. Just a little spicy (the chicken), they give you some heat options and we chose medium.
Lastly (for today anyway), we had a Three Chicken Taco combo with tots. This one came complete with all the fixen's. There was a decent amount of very tasty pulled type chicken set in a couple of corn tortillas. 
This is a friendly family run business. They are enthusiastic about their offerings which seem to change quite regularly. There were a couple of picnic tables set up at Hamilton Farms the day I was there. Orders are cooked fresh but it didn' take long. They currently spend a couple of days in Aldergrove but also do events and a few days on George Ferguson Way in Abbotsford and we wouldn' be surprised to see them open a brick and mortar location (that was the plane before all the pandemic stuff happened). We were more than a little impressed and we will be back!
Food         4 1/2 out of 5
Service     4 1/2 out of 5
Comfort    4 out of 5 (depends on where you decide to eat)
Value         4 1/2 out of 5

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