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I stumbled across Coco's Kitchen and Lounge quite by accident while looking for an address on Google Maps. All of a sudden, there it was and I had never heard of it! It is located on 56th Avenue just east of the 264th exit from the freeway in the Gloucester industrial area so not really in the middle of town.
Also, they have a bit of a web site issue so far. If you find it on Maps (hint: when you see Colleen's Cafe then zoom in. It doesn't show up on every layer.) the "" that is attached to their listing sucks profoundly. Find their Facebook page and use the web site listed there. It is a "". That's a little complicated and I hope they get it smoothed out soon. I started off by calling it a Mexican restaurant because I noticed enchiladas and tacos etc. on their menu. A deeper dive though reveals that this is much more Latin American than just Mexican. We ordered too much as usual starting with a dish from Columbia called Salchipapas.
For sure, someone is going to call this Columbian Poutine and it might as well be me. With a base of French fries, this beautiful mess includes farmer sausage, bacon, quail eggs, pico de gallo, spicy ketchup and mayonnaise. Not exactly health food but so delicious and bordering on addictive! They threw in some plantain chips which were very good.
We also tried Bandejita (something else that I had never heard of) which I believe might also be Columbian. This was another dish so full of tasty things that I didn't try my usual trick of transferring food from takeout container to a dish to make it look a little more photogenic. I didn't think it would work here. This deliciousness consisted of yuca, plantain, pork belly, pico de gallo and avocado on a bed of black beans. Wow!
Pupusas are from El Salvador and you've probably seen these before. They are more ore less two tortillas stuffed with pork and cheese. It was explained to me that we take a piece of pupusa and add some of the slaw and guacamole on top and enjoy the tasty bite. We loved this also!
Finally, we had the Enchiladas Rancheras because a) we like enchiladas and b) we had to try something Mexican. These were pretty tasty and I liked that they came with black beans. 
So this feast came to $60 which would have easily fed 4. That is a very decent value.
The food is great, the value is great and these are friendly folks!. Other than the current web site situation and being located in the middle of nowhere (word of mouth will take them far, I think), they also had some problems with timing as Coco's opened 4 days before the COVID 19 shutdown! They have been open for take-out and their hope is to open their dining room in mid-June. I guarantee that it will be a great place to relax and enjoy a Margherita!
For what its worth, we give Coco's Kitchen and Lounge, 4 1/2 out of 5!
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