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It is very impressive how restaurants are adapting to touch-free procedures for ordering and pick up. Admittedly, we have come across some web sites that are glitchy and difficult when it comes to all this. I would encourage restauranteurs to visit their own websites to try it out. And remember that not all of the take out ordering public are 100% computer geniuses. More than once, I have found something slightly less than intuitive and struggled to find the solution. Shiok's web ordering system is very good once you know that you have to enter a credit card number for payment. I was planning on using my debit card but that is not an option here.
Shiok is located on Kingsway between Victoria and King Ed. The manager met me at the front door which he pushed open with his window squeegee on a pole! I popped my heel behind the door and we had a brief friendly but physically distant conversation about how crazy all of this is. I  then picked up my bag of carefully organized treats off the table placed across the front door and went on my way! So efficient and safe!
Once we got home, we started the exercise of organizing things on plates to make them look tasty! This was not to difficult with the Nasi Lemak one of our favourite snacks with crunchy fried anchovies and peanuts over rice with shrimp paste, sambal and some cucumbers. This was a tasty bargain at only $4.95.
Shiok has a number of small items listed as 'Snacks' that are quite small portions but not too expensive so you can try a bunch of things..., more or less tapas style. For example, we tried Otak-Otak which I had never heard of before. This was spicy minced fish cake grilled in banana leaf and I loved it! Salty, spicy and a little bit fishy.
I admit that its almost impossible for me to pass on Roti Prata when it is on a menu. This was excellent even after a trip out to the valley. Flaky roti and a nice curry chicken dip.
The Jook was also very good. It is a lot like Marie's Arroz Caldo although she uses more ginger which is fine with me. This dish was rich and filling and with a decent amount of tender chicken.
To this day, I have not fully come to understand the allure of chicken rice but this version was actually quite good. The chicken was moist and the rice was flavourful, slightly gingery and with just a touch of sesame oil.
Finally, I displayed my weakness for Beef Rendang. Coconut curry might be my favourite flavour for anything and the beef had been slow-cooked and was moist and tender. Another winner of a dish.
When I first looked at our $50 order, which all fit into one bag, I felt like maybe we were paying a lot but the reality is that was another meal which stretched into two for both of us and left us full twice. So very good food at a decent price.
I didn't get much of a peek inside as the dining room was behind closed doors. I hope we will see it one day soon.
For what it's worth, we give Shiok Singaporean Cuisine, 4 1/2 out of 5.
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