Saini Sweets & Restaurant

Nothing like physical distancing with comforting Indian food. I had looked at the menu at Saini Sweets & Restaurant and was intrigued by their inclusion of some Chinese-Indian dishes on their menu.
I had almost given up as I could not get through on the phone and their online ordering was not working but it turned out they are just opening a little later these days and this was a Sunday morning. Obviously, we need to be a little flexible as everyone adjusts to the current temporary reality (the COVID 19 pandemic if you are reading this 10 years from now....and if you are, send me a message back through time!) We ordered several dishes for take out.
We are suckers for Fish Pakora and these were quite good. This is a half order for only $6. I was quite impressed with that option!
We ordered their Tikki with Chana. At first, I thought we had received the wrong dish but the Tikki was hidden underneath a generous helping of tasty spicy chickpeas. The croquettes themselves were very good. This dish was a real vegetarian protein fest and quite delicious.
I know its just Butter Chicken but that's Marie's favourite so we often get it. I thought this one was pretty decent although I take personal credit for the artful use of a few chives to pretty it up. There was a decent amount of chicken and not just a pool of sauce. I will admit that the chicken was a bit dry.
The Lamb Biryani is one of my favourites and that's why we often order it. Again, I take credit for the cilantro but I'm not looking for a job. There was a lot of lamb in this dish and it was very tender. This was another high scoring dish!
And so we moved on to the Indian-Chinese menu and Manchurian Chicken. A saucy, slightly spicy-sweet dish with deep-fried chicken chunks. Yes, I could eat this every day. All this food which lasted more than 2 full meals for both of us was less than $50. Check their website and you will be impressed by their pricing.
These empty dining room pictures are starting to make me a little sad but I am full-on convinced that if we keep following directions, we will be out and about before too many full moons pass. Keep washing your hands, keep your distance and be optimistic.
For what its worth, we give Saini Sweets and Restaurant 4 1/2 out of 5.
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