Hannosuke Tempura Tendon Tokyo

It's not often that we are willing to get in line for a place just because it is new and buzzing. Within a few short weeks, the lines will be gone (unless you happen to be Ramen Danbo) and you can dine in at your leisure. We are just fans enough of tempura that we would consider the standing around outside thing as acceptable. And, we didn't even wait for that long!
On Robson, near Denman, we waited maybe 15 minutes at the most (these people are organized) before getting a seat in this noisy friendly place. There s seating for maybe 36 people? The menu is pretty brief. You are here for one thing and that is tempura ....and rice.
There are, importantly, instructions on the table about how to eat this (thank goodness because I might still be there and so hungry or injure myself!) with tips about how to use the spicy pepper etc.
We ordered one premium and one special tempura bowl. The prices were $16 and $19 dollars each and the difference was conger eel or not (there is also a kids bowl for $9). Each bowl was rice with Special Hannosuke Sauce (soy with something a little sweet), tempura shrimp, green beans, seaweed etc and a tempura egg (impressive). 
Just the epitome of comfort food. It wasn't ridiculously crispy or anything. I'm not sure what I expected. It was crispy of course because it is deep fried with a panko crust but it was more of a fatty comforting coating than a french fry type crispy thing. A totally inadequate description that ensures that you will have to go try it for yourself! The white fish was excellent, the eel also and the shrimp maintained some snap. There were a couple of green beans in there also. A very tasty bowl!
I would do this anytime. They were such nice people too! You can watch the cooks ply their trade but I found myself n the way when I tried. The line doesn't last long so don't be daunted.
For what its worth, we give Hannosuke Tempura Tendon Tokyo, 4 out of 5.

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