Pinkerton's - Houston, Texas

This was a truly transformative barbecue meal and the best of my week in Houston. I am going to use a lot of superlatives in this post so be prepared.
A little bit of research put Pinkerton's on my list for eating in Houston. It is a perennial favourite and finds it's way onto a lot of lists. We found it to be quite busy on a Wednesday evening at about 6pm but we squeezed in.
Line up and choose your meats and your sides and watch the guys portion it out for you.
There were three of us this evening so 3 types of meat and 3 sides did not seem unreasonable.
Just yesterday I said that I had the best brisket ever. That statement was rendered null and void at this moment. Really, even superlatives do not say enough about the brisket which was so tender, fatty, smokey and with ridiculous bark that I may be ruined for brisket for all time, other than coming back here! I guess 18 hours over aged post oak and mesquite will do that for you. The ribs also easily make it onto my all-time number one list. Ribs can be dry or a little chewy but these were tender and moist. The sauce on the ribs was sweeter and provided a nice accent. Finally, the sausage was also great but does not quite crack my top three.
Onto the sides, if you insist. All right the mac n cheese was also, wait for it...the best ever! It was more cheesy than creamy which I always hope for and rarely find. Regular macaroni and not overcooked and with bacon! Loved it!
The potato salad and pit beans were also wonderful but somehow remained in the shadow of the previously mentioned great stuff. I would choose them again or maybe something else.
Friendly, noisy and comfortable for eating great barbecue with friends. I got myself a bottle of sauce but I feel like I should have gotten 2. I expect that I will be able to get more online. BTW, the cost of this feast was about $80 USD and three guys did not leave hungry.
It should come as no surprise that I give Pinkerton's Barbecue, 5 out of 5.

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