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On a lovely winter evening walk, Marie and I came across the Centennial Square Chrismas light display in downtown Victoria. A quite beautiful effort, the square had become selfie central for dozens of happy shoppers and diners.
As I strolled around looking for potential angles, I overheard a conversation that was punctuated with, "OK. We'll meet you at Grilled Cheese Please!". My ears perked up! A quick search on my phone revealed that GCP was a mere half block away! A few more selfies later and Marie and I set out for what we hoped would be a foodie paradise.
In my haste, I almost roared right past but Marie's sharper eyes spotted the sandwich board and the cafe front which is a bit buried in an alcove. Inside we met Michael, the owner who is, not surprisingly, enthusiastic about grilled cheese sandwiches. He started with a food truck and a necessarily limited menu but here in the brick and mortar location (brick and mortar is literal in this part of downtown), the menu possibilities are quite endless.
As I frequently tell anyone who will listen, grilled cheese must be accompanied by tomato soup. Here at GCP, the tomato soup is house-made, velvety and rich. Excellent and only slightly reminiscent of my childhood where the soup was canned. While the new expanded menu is quite exciting, in our state of hunger and approaching low blood sugar, I could not give the menu the analysis necessary. It was all we could do to stab our fingers at a couple of things that looked good.
The first was the Baconator Sandwich. Featuring bacon, smoked Cheddar and Gouda, with garlic spread on cheese bread, this was a winner! Each sandwich comes with a dipping sauce and we chose chipotle mayo. 
I'm not sure why I thought the Albacore Melter would be anything but canned tuna. Sushi grade would certainly be a $20 and not a $10 sandwich. Still, tuna, provolone, and garlic spread on 12 grain were also to our liking. Each of the sandwiches gets a crusty buttery exterior toasting as you can see from the pics. It is the perfect foundation for any of the many possibilities starting right from the classic and moving along to almost anything that you can imagine.
In addition to the many sandwich possibilities, there are all sorts of pub-like starters (tots, wings, poppers etc.) and sides to complete the grilled cheese experience. Not a ton of seating but grab it to go and sit at Centennial Square.
For what it's worth, we give Grilled Cheese Please 4 out of 5.
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  1. I certainly enjoyed the method that you explore your experience and perception of the area of interest

  2. I certainly enjoyed the method that you explore your experience and perception of the area of interest

  3. Too bad the guy is a racist

  4. He actually is not so how about take your slander and hate elsewhere...


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