J & G Fried Chicken

Fried chicken may well be nature's most perfect food (sorry chickens). Despite my leanings toward and admiration of vegetarian and even vegan eating, I have a serious weakness for fried chicken.
J & G is a newish fried chicken joint from Taiwan (aren't all our best new places from Asia?) with a location at Crystal Mall. For the record, Marie and I always use transit to get to Crystal Mall as it most certainly has the worst parkade in the world (it's circular with literally trapezoidal parking spots...really?). Anyway, we waded in on Sunday afternoon to try J & G (who were recently featured on Vanfoodster's Fried Chicken Challenge). The wait time between ordering and our food being ready was 10 minutes or so, indicating the food is not sitting somewhere under hot lights.
We had to try their Heart-shaped Chicken Cutlet which is actually a deboned breast. This was nothing short of amazing. Hot and crispy and just a bit spicy it was moist and tender even at its thickest point. I am certain that it must be brined. Do not miss this at $9.50.
I also have a bit of a weakness for Deep Fried King Oyster Mushrooms. Same deal here, they were amazing! Don't burn yourself as the liquid in the mushrooms can be hot.
Finally, they were offering a special of Deep Fried Shrimp. These were also good. They were not completely shelled and parts of the shells were not chewable like they sometimes are. I'm not sure it would be great to swallow that. 
Everything on the menu at J&G is deep-fried. There are no noodles or sides of rice or vegetables available at the Crystal Mall location. I guess you can stop at a neighbouring vendor but that means more lining up. To emphasize the freshness of their product, a note on their menu declares that the chickens were "electrically slaughtered" (Jesus !)  either on the day or day before. Maybe just a little more information than we needed.
Still, everything that we had was very good, and for what it's worth, we give J & G Fried Chicken 4 out of 5.  
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