We don't do brunch very often but a lot of places don't offer lunch on the weekend; only brunch so...
It's ok when the brunch means more than just Eggs Benedict or Shakshuka.
Located on the Drive across from Grandview Park, Havana is a little more 'hip' than we are but everyone is made to feel comfortable here. I expected it to be packed but then I remembered we were eating Saturday brunch and not Sunday brunch. I'm sure it makes a difference!
We started with a couple of my Latin favourites namely Patatas Bravas and Tostone.
The tostone were served with an avocado-lime dip which was truly awesome. The plantain slices themselves (twice cooked ) were crispy and hot. This was the best $6 I have spent in a long time. I am definitely going to try to make this at home!
And the Patatas Bravas were in the same sphere. Served with what is presumably Bravas sauce and garlic aioli, these were also crispy and hot and it is all about texture. We ended up going home with a lot of potatoes (more to come) which seems kind of cheap-assed but we thought they would reheat well and it is evil to waste food!
We shared two mains, one of which was Croque Senora. Here is where my lunch menu desires bumped up against the brunch menu and survived. The sandwich is a Cubano which was a large part of our seeking out Havana. Porchetta, ham, and cheese are a part of it but the mustard and pickles make this thing! All melted together on the grill to become something amazing. More potatoes you will notice, and a sunnyside up egg. Now, this is the kind of brunch that I can endorse!
We also shared a Cuban Skillet. The braised white beans were what drew us to this. The beans had more bite (not cooked too soft) than I expected and that impressed me. The Two Rivers chorizo was also impressive being on the mild side and still tasty. Cuban Fry bread is what exactly? Well, it was salty and not too doughy so authentic or not, we enjoyed it! And a couple of perfect poached eggs.
Truly, there is room for a lot more people than the Saturday brunch crowd. We love the decor and are sure that the Mojito / Marguerita people could have a great time here.
We love open kitchens too.
If it's not already (and we are probably the last ones who haven't been) this place should be on your list, especially if you are brunch people.
For what it's worth, we give Havana 4 1/2 out of 5.
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