Vanfoodster's Tasting Plates Gastown and Chinatown - Part Two

When last we left our hero at the end of Part One, he was leaving Trees Cheesecake and Organic Coffee in Gastown, struggling to metabolize an unusual intake of sugar over the last hour or so. And he was not finished yet!
And switching back to the less annoying first-person narrative, I made my way next to the Praguery. Known for their chimney cakes and similarly wound and baked cones, I was happy to see that they were branching into a menu that included some savoury items as well.
Still, it is very interesting to watch them wind the dough around wooden spools and bake them for sweet or savoury purposes.
On the savoury menu was pulled pork.  I don't think that this is the product of a big smoker, but slow-roasted or braised, it was moist and tasty just the same. Served with some choices, I had the house-made barbeque sauce and house-made sauerkraut. Colour me impressed with the amount they do themselves and not relying on outside suppliers! Accompanying it was savoury chimney cake with cheese! What an excellent idea!
The most generous of the places I visited this evening, they also served a dessert. I had their Signature Lemon Cone which might be the most spectacular item I sampled all evening! Never mind the wonderful chimney cone and soft serve vanilla ice cream, it was topped with a lemon sauce which sealed the deal. Excellent!
A typical Gastown space, there are some stools and a side and front counter to sit at with the Gastown brick and old glass which makes the place charming. Nice people too!
Finally came Wara Thai back on main Street and thank goodness they did not serve us dessert!
I shared my time at Wara Thai Eatery with two new friends whom I had noted on the Tasting Plates tour and who happened to be walking along the same route. It was nice to meet Sharon (@Sharonfoodwithyou) and her dining companion (didn't want to jump to conclusions as our conversation didn't get quite that far). I think we all enjoyed what Wara Thai presented. A tasty basil chicken sauce on Spaghetti Bites, Thai Salad Cups (I can always get behind the occasional vegetable) and Toon Tong (essentially deep-fried wontons but as purses.) which were delicious and crispy.
The dining room was quiet this Wednesday evening other than the tour folks but it is a very nice comfortable room. They have a typical Thai menu with some lunch specials that would definitely be worth returning for!
I also met and had a nice conversation with Tiffany (@tiff_lovesearth) earlier in the evening at Trees.  She and her Mother are key components in the recently opened Mixxbao Taiwanese Fusion and I hope to see them when Marie and I finally get there to try out their bill of fare.
Thanks again Vanfoodster for an enjoyable evening!
The Praguery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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