Vanfoodster's Tasting Plates Gastown and Chinatown - Part One

So much dessert! I have never been so full after a Vanfoodster Tasting Plates event and the number of desserts had me rushing to check my blood sugar level! (Just kidding. My blood sugar is good. It might not be if I ate that much dessert all the time though!). It was just a touch on the chilly side but the rain held off on Wednesday evening which was good as all the stops on the tour were within easy walking distance. We met up and got our passports at Wara Thai in Chinatown but I started my journey at Buttermere Patisserie Cafe.
It's hard to pick a favorite from the 5 places that we visited this evening but let's just say that I returned to Buttermere to buy a treat to take home for Marie (she had to work)!
BMPC is a comfortable and attractive little place on Main Street where you can linger over a coffee and pastry. I enjoyed everything in our little sample box but it was the Korean Citrus Cheesecake Tart that left me panting. Light and citrusy, this was a delectable bite.
There isn't an endless variety of pastries here but there is something for everyone, I am sure.
I'll be bringing Marie back to enjoy the ambiance and friendly folks! See? This is why we do the Tasting Plates thing! No time to linger too long though. There were 4 more places to visit.
Moltaqua Restaurant was my next stop. Right on Hastings near Abbott, this is a place with an interior that might fool you into thinking that you were in Morrocco. It even included a fez wearing waiter!
At this point, I have to tell you that I am impressed with my Huawei phone camera as this restaurant was dark. I had to use my flashlight to tell on food sample from the next but my camera picked it up.
All the tastes provided were vegan and although small were very tasty. I love Morrocan food and will be back here in the future also. A Lentil stew with onion jam, Split pea soup with cumin, White bean stew, and Roasted eggplant pepper stew were all comforting and warming on this chilly evening.
Next came Trees Cheesecake and Organic Coffee.
Located on Water Street not too far from Waterfront Station, this is a busy little place and the folks here know something about cheesecake.
They provided us with a couple of tastes both of which were memorable. Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake and New York Style. As someone who has made a few New York Style Cheesecakes, I can tell you that getting the texture right can be a challenge. This version was creamy with just a hint of citrus and wonderful. The pumpkin spice was not overwhelming as some seasonal coffee drinks tend to be. Very nice!
Another pleasant room, where one could be tempted to linger. It nicely lively but not too noisy to carry on a conversation! The folks here were pleasant and welcoming! Stay tuned for part two!

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