Two Rivers Specialty Meats

Under the heading, "What took us so long to get here?" comes Two Rivers Specialty Meats. I remember the buzz around the opening and being quite excited about the quality of the menu and product they sold in this top-quality butcher shop. Well better late than never, we arrived Labour Day just before noon.
Located more or less behind Capilano Mall in an industrial area, TR is a sleek storefront with a clean sleek interior (as you might expect from a butcher shop).
We started with Crispy BBQ Pork Bites. Give it a squeeze from the grilled lime and you have an amazing snack. Both lean and fatty, these guys were rich, tasty and surprisingly tender. I assume that they use their signature rub on these. We decided that we liked the crispy little pieces slightly more than the bigger pieces but we would never consider leaving either behind.
We came for a burger. 65-day dry-aged beef really does make a difference. This burger was beefy in a way that one dreams of. 
With bacon and cheese, this is one of the best burgers that we have ever had. The fries are cooked in tallow and that makes for an excellent tasting and crispy product as well.
You have the option of sitting at the counter and watching the chef at work, cooking over wood. Pretty impressive to tackle all the effort involved in keeping a wood fire at an even temperature.
From their butcher dop, we took home some house-made sausages to try later. The small one was lamb with allspice, garlic and lemon. The others were Chorizo and Longaniza (not the Filipino kind but the Portuguese kind). All three were more than a little but impressive. 
So a full-service impressive butcher shop that runs a cafe featuring their products. The procedure is order at the counter and they deliver your food to your table. The staff are knowledgable as well as friendly. I am guessing that it can get pretty busy here but there is seating for probably 60 people or more. It would be worth a wait also.
For what it's worth, we give Two Rivers Specialty Meats 4 1/2 out of 5.

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