Phoenix Day Five...and Biscuits Restaurant

Sorry to keep bringing up the weather. It has taken an interesting turn in the last couple of days with a significant change in the humidity. No one can currently say, "Yes, but it's a dry heat!" At home humidity is rarely an issue. It rains therefore its humid. Here, the 40 plus degrees have been tolerable because, wait for's a dry heat. Now suddenly, I'm sticky like I've just wolfed down a bowl of Dan Dan Noodles.
I've spoken to quite a few locals about how they feel about the heat and most of them do admit that the 40 plus is just a little much. They are aware of the humidity too. The extremes though are rare in comparison to the pleasant weather for most of the rest of the year and they are just prepared for this!
Today we intended to drive up South Mountain and enjoy the vistas but apparently the roads are closed on Silent Sundays and reserved for non-motorized traffic. So we just enjoyed the somewhat less spectacular vista from the bottom of the hill and some old stone buildings.
Then we went for lunch! I love biscuits but they seem like exotica in Metro Vancouver and are more common as an option here.
Biscuits is a breakfast and lunch joint that specializes in what I think I can call Southern American classics. This is the kind of food that would make every diet faddist in the land cry. In fact the biscuits and gravy alone would alienate all the low carb or low fat people forever!
Yes, there is a very good biscuit under there! We had to fish for it a bit but we certainly did not run out of gravy. I loved this but I would soon be 300 lbs. if they were easily available at  home.
The rest of this breakfast (that included the biscuit) is Chicken Fried Steak, grits and a couple of any style eggs. All of this was only $11.99 and could easily feed several people! The 'steak' is pounded thin, breaded and deep fried and covered in more of the excellent black pepper gravy. Tender and tasty but not on the Keto diet.We love the grits on the side as well.
We also had the Crispy Catfish with deep fried okra. This was not our favourite thing. The breading on the fish was a bit too crunchy (I can't believe that's a thing) while some of the fish seemed to be a little under cooked. By contrast the okra was excellent and crunchy and obviously a fresh vegetable. Not visible in the photo is a side of coleslaw with a sweet flavour that we could not put our finger on. It turned out to be pineapple juice and part of a family recipe according to our server who is part of the family! That's when we learned that this is all a family run business now about 10 years on with three restaurants. 
The restaurant doesn't seem to be air conditioned but they keep it comfortable just the same. Things are a little thread bare but comfortable, slightly country tacky but in a good way. Above all this is a welcoming friendly place run by a very nice family.
For what its worth, we give Biscuits Restaurant 3 1/2 out of 5.
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