Joojak's "Never Heard Of It" list, brought us next to Joojak. This little restaurant on Kingsway, a short walk from Joyce skytrain station, serves Xi'an style Chinese food, and may have jumped to the top of my favourites list (OK, so I am a little schizophrenic when it comes to favourite places. Often my most recent meal was the greatest meal ever!)
Xi'an, a one time capital of China at the end of the Silk Road, is another unique cuisine of China and our lovely friendly hostess, being originally from that place, was happy to fill us in on some of the details. 
The Pork Burger was something I could have ordered a half dozen of and been perfectly happy with that alone for a meal. A tender steamed bun made crispy on the flat top, filled with such tender gently spiced pork ( cumin and peppercorns maybe?) was excellent and apparently something you do not fail to eat in Xi'an.
Hand Pulled Noodles with Meat Sauce is another iconic Xi'an dish and this brought us close to swooning. The flavouring is complex. I was sure that I picked up on cinnamon and citrus in addition to the aforementioned cumin and peppercorns but the noodles were truly the star here.
Hand pulled and so tender, I'm sure that you've seen better pictures of these wide long noodles.
Xinjiang Flavour Braised Lamb on Rice made us happy also. Xianjiang is a province of China not exactly adjacent to Shaanxi (whose capital is Xi'an) but their flavours are found throughout much of the country as a result of the movement of the largely Muslim population. Again this was a complex and deliscious dish with a generous amount of tender lamb.
Stir Fried Green Beans are labelled as spicy on the menu but we found them more sweet and salty (good salty not too salty). We were assured that the spiciness in Xi'an style food was not comparable to Hunan or Szechuan cuisines and to be sure, there was no face numbing involved. Something did make me sweat a little though which was pleasant but my tolerance is a little low.
This is a small restaurant with seating for 18 (I actually counted). Our server and hostess were pleasant and patient with us and their food was wonderful. You need to put this place on your list!
For what it's worth (and this doesn't happen often) we give Joojak 5 out of 5!
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