Heritage Asian Eatery

The measure of Heritage Asian Eatery's successful take on some unique Asian eats, is the fact that they opened their second location in Mount Pleasant sometime this past winter (Feb 2019?).
Heritage serves a variety of comforting dishes with a few refinements and creative twists including the use of local ingredients. The result is that we would have liked to try everything on their menu but some things will have to wait until our next visit. First up was their Pork Belly Bao served with kimchi, hoisin and crispy onions. It is one of three baos on the current menu.
It arrived, as several things did, in a bamboo steamer basket with a paper liner. I thought that was kind of cool (not like earth shattering or anything ).  This was a rich and flavourful treat with a nice hit of sweetness and spice.
We loved the Five Spice Wings. They were hot out of the fryer, tender and juicy. I enjoy the way five spice stays with you! I need to start using it more at home!
We went ahead and ignored the rule about only ordering Xia Long Bao in Shanghaisese restaurants and we did not regret it at all. We are not the ultimate judges of how thick the wrapper should be or anything like that but we thought they were very good. Delicate yet they held together until we could suck out the soup. Lovely pork flavour for the stock and filling. Nice!
Finally, we had the Duck Rice Bowl. This is one of several noodle or rice bowls with tempting toppings. Roasted with Peking sauce, the duck came sliced from the breast and pulled from the leg. It was tender and delicious. Served over rice with some crispy onions, a nice slaw, nicely soft boiled egg, and a few micro greens for garnish. I would order this again. All of this came to $38 with tax but before tips. A wee bit on the expensive side as if we had ordered a couple of bowls but fewer side dishes (which would have filled us up and made more sense for lunch), it probably would have been closer to $50. Still not bad for eats that are definitely on the upscale side of things.
You order at the counter and your food is delivered to you as things are ready. This is a nice bright space with skylights and chic decor.
I am a fan of the food they serve here and their creativity and for what its worth, we give Heritage Asian Eatery 4 out of 5.
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