Gulberg Restaurant - Newton - Vanfoodster's Curry Challange

There are literally dozens of Indian style restaurants in the Surrey area that are on my 'list.' We have had some wonderful North Indian and South Indian meals and I derive comfort from the fact that we will never run out of new places to try. My attention was drawn to Gulberg (they are on my 'list' for sure but when would we finally get there?) because of their participation In Vanfoodster's Curry Challenge taking place this month and because what they serve leans towards Pakistani!
When we arrived at Gulberg Restaurant, we were impressed with what we found! In addition to the restaurant, there is a market complete with butcher shop and anything else that you might need, and the Gulberg Cafe with an altogether separate menu and kitchen (as near as I can tell).
Beef Nihari is Gulberg's entry into the Curry Challenge. This is a Pakistani curry with beef shank, a surprising number of spices and many, many hours of slow cooking. The result is a rich comforting stew of tender meat that packs a bit of a spicy punch. We recommend it highly including the frozen version available under the name Barakah Eats (Google where to buy) which we tried at home and enjoyed greatly! They currently have four of their tasty dishes available for home cooks.
We also our tried a couple of our usuals including Fish Pakora. Hot out of the fryer with a coriander chutney on the side, this was also impressive. I appreciate that they have two sizes of this dish available and the smaller was easily enough for Marie and me.
Marie loves Butter Chicken and this one was quite good. No big surprises just good!
We went off script a little bit and ordered one of their specialties, Mash Fried Daal. Another Pakistani dish if I am not mistaken. Cooked with a bit of texture still in the lentils and lots of ginger and spice. This is one of those dishes that makes veganism doable. I would order this again.
Of course, our meal came with what I would call impressively sized naan and more than enough. Crispy from a very hot tandoor on the one side and tender and chewy overall this is some of the best naan that we have had.
In Gulberg Restaurant, you order and pay at the counter and either pick up your food or it is delivered to your table. Their menu is rather wide ranging with forays beyond Indian and Pakistani food into fried chicken and pizza etc. There is probably something for everyone.
We found the restaurant to be a little on the chilly side but not the service. They checked on us a couple of times, topped up our water and were friendly and helpful. Put us down as fans of Gulberg Restaurant.
For what its worth, we give Gulberg Restaurant 4 1/2 out of 5.
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