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So it turns out that Tsujiri doesn't open until 2:00 pm. This is disappointing but not a catastrophe as far as lunch is concerned. The Central at Garden City is almost the Alexander Road of malls and there are plenty of food choices. Surprisingly, Good Bowl has been on my 'list' for some time.
I am not even sure how Good Bowl got onto my list. Is it a vestigial listing from World Vegan Month back in November? It's not a bad place and frankly, if I worked around here, I would come often for lunch. It could be a source of healthy, inexpensive and tasty meals for someone with limited time. 
Ordering is quick and simple. Chose your base (Marie chose egg noodles and I chose wild rice), your protein (Marie chose Angus beef and I chose Sakura pork)and choose as many vegetables as you like.
Then they quickly stir fry it up on the flat top a la Mongolian Grill (with your chosen sauce, of course)  and there you are with a healthy bowl! These are the $9.95 medium versions.
After, World Vegan Month, I was pretty well done with bowls, but this not bad, especially with a fried egg added!
Everything is fresh and the restaurant is clean and comfortable.
Still not sure why it was on my list but we're not sorry that we went. BTW, they are definitely vegan-friendly and they do juice too if you are into that.
For what it's worth, we give Good Bowl a 3 out of 5.
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