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Your meal at HK BBQ Master does not come with a view. They have mercifully covered the windows and doors with brown paper so that you don't have to look out at the dark parkade and circling cars of the pretty good but not Great Canadian Superstore above. Watch your step as in some places the floor inside the little restaurant is a bit of an ice rink. There is inevitably a line up outside the door in the previously mentioned parkade. All of this will mean nothing though, once you sink your teeth into their amazing barbeque!
Actually, the young fellow, who's name I should have gotten, who steers the ship at the front door, has a tremendous grasp on what is going on. He told us there would be a 15-minute wait and it was just under that. If you are ordering to go, he sends you one way. If you are eating in, he gives you a number and counts you down! We were seated and had ordered and received our food all within 20 minutes, I am sure!
Now, I believe that I have had enough Chinese barbeque to be entitled to an opinion. I know HK has been voted number one often but how much better could it be? We have been to the barbeque at Parker Place Meats which always ranks high. We enjoyed the recently opened Chinatown BBQ which has gotten good reviews. And a lot of other places have good barbeque but you can forget all of that! The voters were correct and this is the best that we have had! 
We ordered 2 plates at $12.50 each. The first was barbeque pork and roast pork on rice. The second was soy sauce chicken and barbeque duck on rice.
The first truth applies to all 4 meats and that is, that they were amazingly tender! If you have no teeth, do not be worried! I have roasted a couple of ducks lately and they seem to always have a bit of chew but this duck was meaty and more tender than I could have wished for. The roast pork had the wonderful crispy skin while the others had that lovely sweet glaze. All you can do is come here, put up with some little stuff, sit down (or take out), and try this barbeque. By the way, the staff is amazingly efficient!
When you are done, try not to linger too long. Others are waiting.
We don't rate stuff as 5 out of 5 very often, but HK BBQ Master is a solid 5.

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