We made a monster! The challenge was too tempting as we stepped in the door and so we accepted!
Actually, someone else made the monster. All we did was choose Taro flavour for the shave ice base, and then 3 side flavours. We chose red bean, melon jello and mango ice cream. The tasty creation also came with a bottle of sweetened condensed milk (? I am guessing on that last thing). I'm not sure if we were maybe supposed to continue decorating with the side items? Anyway, we ate it all including the sides except for the Bugle ears!
I didn't find our monster overly frightening at $9.70 and it was very refreshing and maybe a little creamier than I expected for shave ice and enough dessert for the 2 of us. The novelty alone made us happy.
ZenQ offers quite a few different Taiwanese Deserts, including some waffle or glutinous rice-based items. They also offer bubble tea. We enjoyed the Original Milk Tea with Pearls.
There is some room and its comfortable enough here which is good as I expect they can be quite busy when the weather calls for cool desserts. We were greeted by a friendly and helpful person who walked us through the monster creating odyssey.
The one drawback is parking. Although not the worst example, ZenQ is in one of those Richmond strip malls where each parking spot is designated for a particular business. I always chalk this up to cranky business owners who only notice when someone parks in front of their business and goes elsewhere but do not see when their customers have parked elsewhere! The result is that an occasionally half half-empty parking lot still only allows for a limited number of customers for each business. Silly cranky business owners! I have in the past, driven out of such parking lots out of frustration (spying empty stalls but being unable to park in them), and taken my business elsewhere! If you can find parking or walk from around the corner ( you need the exercise, right?) then this is a fun place for dessert.

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