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When strEATS appeared a few weeks ago at Aldergrove's main crossroads, Fraser Hwy and 264th, (OK. So it's not Burrard and Robson), I dismissed it as another fast food joint.  I am basically a snob when it comes to what types of places that I will review (no Tim Horton's, MacDonald's, Taco Time, Two for One Pizza, etc.). After looking at their website though, I decided to pay them a visit. It was their corporate attitude that mostly helped change my mind as they try to serve sustainable seafood, use recyclable containers and are involved in feeding those less fortunate (at least so far in Calgary where they seem to have originated).
On my first visit, I tried a couple of tacos. At $5 each, they are not in the $2 Taco Bell taco category. As a combo with a fountain drink and a mini poutine for $13, it is actually a decent deal.
They have some interesting taco fillings. I tried Mango Shrimp and Buffalo Chicken.
There were a few nuggets of tasty deep fried coconut shrimp and Buffalo chicken accordingly with a nice slaw topping. These were pretty good! Lots of mango in the Mango Shrimp version.
The aptly named Mini Poutine, was pretty tasty also as a part of the combo. Rich gravy and OK fries with real cheese curds. Obviously, you can get larger orders and they offer some interesting toppings here also, like mac and cheese!
On another occasion, I tried the one piece fish and chips opting for pollack, but halibut is available also. Even though, I placed my order on their convenient and user friendly ap, they waited until I walked in to deep fry the fish. I thought that was a decent bit of customer service. Really good fish! Hot and crispy just like you hope for! And the coleslaw was tasty also with little chunks of jalepeno. Even the tartar sauce that was thoughtfully conceived and not just a side of something from a bottle. The fish and chips order came to just over $18 with tax (no beverage with this one) 
A comfortable enough and nice looking place to eat in. if you choose. Nice folks and some interesting menu choices including a few types of beer. At first, I was thinking that it was a bit expensive but all things considered, I would rather eat here than save a couple of bucks and eat lousy tacos! Give it a try!
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