Starbucks Reserve Bar

Time to geek out over coffee. I am a Starbucks guy and my standing order (in my mind) is grande, dark, no room. At home, I grind my own (not the most expensive beans) and make my coffee in a bodum. I have been known to tolerate bad coffee in a pinch which indicates that caffeine really is part of the formula. All this to say, I like my coffee but I'm not an expert. We decided to try the new Starbucks Reserve Bar just because we didn't want to feel left out!
I'm fairly certain that you can get a regular coffee here but where would the fun be in that? A couple of shots of esspresso over vanilla ice cream was too tempting to ignore.
This was a wonderful combination of strong dark and sweet and rich. A perfect dessert!
But we came to try something enlightening of the beverage variety! We didn't try anything brewed by the syphon method (the apparatus for which is shown above). That will have to wait for next time. What we did try was a comparison flight. The comparison was of Aged Sumatra prepared using two different methods. One cup is prepared using a Clover machine, a single cup brewer that you can Google if you need the details! The other was a pour over but with painful precision and 3 distinct steps. 
Two six ounce servings ($8) and the winner was the pour over. The Clover brewed coffee had a more bitter almost metallic note that I could taste at the back of my tongue whereas the pour over was purely smooth and rich. Don't take my word for it. That was just what my uneducated palette told me. Your tastes may be different. It certainly was eye-opening!
The small army of baristas certainly are skilled. There is an endless variety of coffee types and preparations in addition to the usual Starbucks bakery items and treats.
Its a beautiful and chic large room and despite the crowd, there doesn't seem to be a lot of waiting involved. It's Starbucks with a little something more!
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