Kornblatt's Deli - Portland, Oregon

The weather was mild and precipitation free for our couple of quiet days in Seaside but it turned a little nasty as we set out for Portland. We had kind of planned a zoo day but this was not to be. That doesn't mean we're not going to eat!
I have been here before but I wanted Marie to enjoy Kornblatt's Deli too. They told us that the portrait of Kramer was on the wall because, back in the day, they used to be all about Seinfeld. They even served a Big Salad (and muffin tops?) and folks would pack the place on Thursday evening when new episodes aired! They still crank out the same great stuff but with out the references.
We had a classic Reuben and they did not cheap out on the corned beef. With a nice side of Macaroni Salad, this was worth the trip all by itself!
Lovely melty Swiss cheese and just enough sauerkraut and Russian dressing. A comfort food classic!
They had no Matzo Ball Soup to our chagrin so we decided on Latkes instead. That worked out well as Marie has a new favourite! These were rich and crispy and topped with wonderful applesauce and sour cream made them a memorable experience.
We tried a Knish and that was just meh. It was probably a good knish but its not something that we will dream about.
I may however dream about the mason jar of excellent dills that were placed on our table! I can hardly wait for our next visit to Portland just for a return visit to Kornblatt's! This place is full of character and these folks were so friendly. 
Definitely plan a stop if you are in Portland!
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