World Vegan Month - Conclusions and what we ate!

I must begin by making the following confessions and corrections regarding my World Vegan Month participation!
1) I am not a real vegan (other than this month). I call myself a "weekday vegetarian" but decided to go all in for this month.
2) I ate yogurt for breakfast on November 1 before I actually realized that it was World Vegan Month (fail).
3) A and W stands for Allen and Wright and not Albert and Walter. I started the month blogging about their plant based burger and made that mistake. I am not the only one who had that idea. Where do you suppose it came from?
4) On Nov 7, I did willingly and knowingly participate in Vanfoodster's Dumpling Fest during which I did eat meat. In my defense, I declared in advance that I was going to do so because I already had tickets (still a fail).
5) While attempting to participate in Vanfoodster's Sandwich Challenge, I did knowingly and willingly eat cheese at Saj&Co. (fail)
6) If I see another 'bowl' on a menu, I will scream.
7) I believe more vegan restaurants need to install deep fryers!
8) This one I confess in advance. Berts Electric (2001) Ltd is having their annual Christmas party at Glow on November 30. I will not even be attempting to avoid temptation.

I feel pretty good. I lost about 3 pounds this month without trying (I could lose a few more to be honest). I ate a lot of vegetables and that really is the key. I didn't snack much in the evening either. I stuck pretty close to my "walk 10 kilometers a day" thing.
Lots of restaurants have vegan choices (If you are not following the blog or my Instagram feed, then I can't help you!).
Vegan at home is not so complicated. Think ahead. Make several portions of a dish and freeze!
Some general things we learned include the following: Jackfruit is not a substitute for meat nutrition wise, but it has substance. It is meaty, like in these tacos.

Vegan cheese is not my favourite thing and kind of reminds me of processed cheese. They are kind of similar in texture and melt-ability!. This can be sort of a guilty pleasure from time to time. Choose the Soya because there is at least some protein.
Oh my god, avoid the Tofurky. The Yves ground meat is not terrible just don't think of it as hamburger. You can make a decent taco with it or spaghetti sauce.
You can cook a lot of tasty, healthy stuff at home without meat, cheese, eggs or those meat substitute products. Concentrate on whole grains and pulses like many of the  great world cuisines do. (OK. Cheese was my biggest temptation and a fried egg on top would have improved a lot of things) If you use meat, use it as an accent rather than your main source of calories.   
This is not just about health. No matter what you think, turning off the lights, getting a low flow shower head or driving an electric car is not going to solve global warming. I will say it again, 50% of all global warming gasses are from animal agriculture. You food bloggers and Instagramers might want to consider what you can do to educate people. 
To be honest, I have no horse in the race. I am 57 and have no kids. I am concerned about my nephews but I have no children or grand children who will bear the real brunt of global warming. Unless of course you are planning to throw in with the current president of the United  States who thinks the majority of real climate scientists are just full of crap.
Eat less meat! Encourage others to do the same! Meatless Monday is a start but try a lot harder! It is also not about organics (a first world privilege) Study some real science and come to the side of GMOs and non organics. That is what will save the world!
What do you bloggers think about nudging your readers and followers towards a few more earth friendly food choices? (For God's sake, please watch Cowspiracy on Netflix).
And just in case you think that I am preaching to you from my high horse, I will confess that tomorrow I plan to eat fried chicken. After that, next week, we will be back to eating more healthy for the planet!

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