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The first thing you know about Sulmida is that their desserts are meant to be shared! Try ordering one each and you will look like Marie and I did on Sunday, namely like a couple of people who had just emerged from being lost in the woods, and were starving.
Conveniently located directly across from Metroown Shopping Mall, Sulmida is one of the many Korean Dessert Cafes that have been popping up around Vancouver. And it is no wonder that they are popular as Bingzu is a wonderful fruit (or other) covered desert of ice cream and snow!
Although my pictures seem to suck compared to some of the beautiful versions I have seen on Instagram, you get the idea! By the way, I did not do the ears! Under the delicious mango and banana tea cosy is a mountain of refreshing shave ice (?) or something close to it.On top is a scoop of ice cream and Marie and I barely finished it (this is the small size!)
But then, underestimating the size of the desserts and overestimating our hunger, I had also ordered a Chocolate Lava Cake. This was also a wonderful thing. Lava cake is called such as there is a well of, in this case wonderful chocolate sauce in the interior which oozes out like a lava flow. We strategically ate some of the melty ice cream and them packaged the rest to go, for the kids. The cake itself is a bit more of a sweet white bread than cake but it is a very good vehicle for chocolate and banana. Very nice!
It seems a little expensive but if you look at the sample case ( a novel idea that I should have applied) you will see that these are large desserts. If you like to try some different things, bring more friends!
Accommodating and friendly people work here. It is not uncomfortable but not fancy either. We will be back!
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