Vancouver Foodster's West End Tasting Plates - part 2

After leaving Pasture to Plate on Wednesday evening, I made my way up Davie to Davie Dosa Company. I have become a huge fan of south Indian food in recent months. I mean all Indian food is great but south Indian has some unique flavours including dosa. For the West End Tasting Plates, DDC offered a selection of tasty bites including 2 types of Pakora and 2 65 dishes. A quick Google search reveals that "65" refers to (according to many different opinions)
 either dishes introduced in 1965, 65 chilies or a 65 day preparation I still have no idea but I like it. They all arrived hot at the table and were delectable. Given that there were evidently about 100 people on the Tasting Plates tour, I expect that all of our hosts were kept hopping this evening including the chef preparing pakora! These were served with tamarind, mint and hot sauces which were perfect also. I cleverly walked out of this place having left one of my ear buds on the table, only discovering it when I was too far away to return. Well, it meant that I had the perfect excuse to come back soon! And so Thursday evening, I returned, had a very nice chat with the friendly proprietor and ordered dosa! Dosa is an exquisite thin large crepe made with rice and lentil flours with a filling of your choice (I chose curried cauliflower). I have had quite a few at different places and this one may be the best that I have had.
And it is all about texture, while the dosa is soft and crepe like, it has a crisp shell which makes it unique compared to the French version that we are used to. A dosa is not typically filled to the end like a burrito but you break off pieces to dip in the excellent condiments. The first condiment was a delicious freshly grated coconut chutney (my mouth waters), the second, Sambhar, is a lentil stew while the third, a tomato chutney had a nice little bite! I worked my way to the centre and the lovely curried cauliflower.
So tasty! This is a great little place! Sadly my ambiance photos kind of sucked because I need some photography lessons but you can see what this place looks like on their web site. Open to the street, the sun shone in gently in the evening, whether you sit at the small booths and comfortable tables and chairs. The proprietor and staff that I spoke with were friendly and rightly proud of what they are doing. Highly recommended! Finally, I made it to Tartine Breads and Pies, my final stop on the tasting plates tour. 
I was looking forward to a nice little piece of pie and ice cream to top off the eavening because frankly, I had eaten quite enough so far! This was an excellent Rhubarb Pie that reminded me of something my Mother used to make. Talk about comforting! However, there was more in store as the Tartine tasting offering included a Sante Fe Club Sandwich and side of house made cole slaw!
While this was a very good sandwich on good quality bread and a refreshing slaw, I sadly did not make it to the finish line. This is why I avoid AYCE places as at this time of life, I can no longer do it justice. Still, like every other 
place on this evenings West End Tasting Plates Tour, I can heartily recommend it. I look forward to returning to sample some of their savory pie selection. So I waddled back to sky train and made the trip home to Aldergrove, slightly envious of the West End folks and their choices! Thanks again to Vancouver Foodster for setting this up!
Davie Dosa Company Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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