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I have had an uncontrollable craving for soft white fresh French bread with a crunchy crust. This is surprising as I am not  a white bread guy. When I do eat bread, I prefer the dense, seed and grain filled healthy (or so I believe) variety or a whole wheat pita or other flat bread. Still, sometimes the mood takes you. I guess that I have been reading (or looking at on Instagram) Bahn Mi. And so on Monday after work, I made my way to Pho Hilton.
It turns out to be a friendly little, family run place. My arrival interrupted the family's mid day repast but they quickly seated me and took my order.
In our rush to eat Pho and Bahn Mi, we sometimes forget that the Vietnamese often serve a masterful Beef Stew (it's the French influence!). This was a very good version, maybe a little closer to soup than I expected but so flavorful that my mouth is watering even as I look at the photo! Several pieces of tender beef lurking below the surface with big chunks of carrot, onions, cilantro and hints of five spice and lemongrass. Lovely!
Of course, I did not forget my Bahn Mi craving and this was also tasty. I know the bread was nice and fresh as I saw it come in the door from Save On (presumably) which I can't hold against them. Baking bread is a big deal for a small place and frankly, the Save On bread was great! (should I be reviewing a grocery store next?) This is their Special Sub with three kinds of meat that I am guessing were all pork and liver paste (I am likely wrong). Crunchy vegetable pieces make the Bahn Mi for me and this part was just OK. Still, I got what I came for.
Finally, I ordered Pho to go which I artfully assembled at home. Excellent flavorful broth was host to a generous serving of meats including tripe and rare beef, with noodles and sprouts galore! I am looking forward to left overs tonight!
They have been open a year and I wish them good continued success. Prices are reasonable and portions are generous. I recommend that you pay them a visit!
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