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If I'm on the road and hungry or in a rush and need to grab a bite, my go to has always been Subway. A 12 inch Veggie Delight on whole wheat is a tasty, cheap, moderately healthy choice. It is infinitely  better than the regular fast food choices of tasteless burgers and fries et al. These days I am intrigued to see a few sandwich places that have upped their game. Not quite as fast or cheap as Subway, but taste and value wise maybe even further ahead of the majority of the usual quick lunch places is Big Star Sandwich.
Big Star boasts in house slow roasted beef and turkey and fresh daily Filone bread from their facility in Maple Ridge. A small Roast Beef, Provolone and Garlic Aioli Sandwich is only $9 and is plenty for a quick lunch but it is also worth lingering over.
I was seriously more than a little impressed with the bread. It had some chew and crunchy crust but was not so challenging that it could not work as a sandwich.  The beef too, lived up to the hype. It was moist and tender and with some flavour. Finished with Siracha mayo and the other accompaniments, I would call this a success.
I had Horseradish potato salad as a side. This was decent creamy potato salad and provided a serious hit of up your nose horseradish.
To go for later, I ordered a Corned Beef, Swiss and Mack Sauce (on Rye) and this was also a satisfying sandwich. Again, very nice corned beef and I like the addition of hickory sticks. I am confused only that sauerkraut is not available. Maybe that only works when the sandwich is grilled. Still, I liked it.
The young folks at the South Surrey store during my visit were efficient and friendly. They didn't seem mind my nosy questions. A decent alternative for lunch on the go or just to enjoy a nice sandwich!
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