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My Chinatown explorations were not limited to one rainy Saturday. If I had not transited from out the valley one sunny afternoon, I might have gone home with huge bags of amazing vegetables, barbecued meats, fresh seafood and dried mushrooms because that part of Chinatown continues to thrive. It is very hard to walk past all that amazing food without wanting to take it home. I will return with my car and an empty trunk! In the meantime, many of the old guard restaurants are still around and Boss Bakery and Restaurant is one of them. I was seated immediately by the very friendly manager who brought me tea and took an interest in my day to that point!
This is a good sized room with nice booths many of which were occupied with folks enjoying their morning repast.
I had Chinese Ham Congee which is such an amazing way to start the day! Salty bits of ham and just a trace of sesame oil and why don't I eat this at home more often (I have made it with brown rice with decent results)? The kitchen had carefully garnished the bowl with ginger, green onion and a drizzle of oil. You have to love attention to detail!
I was tempted by Pan Fried Flying Fish, one of the specials listed under the acrylic table cloth (in fact, the whole menu is there at the table...not a bad idea when you think about it). And these were some tasty salty little guys. A little extra protein to go with my congee. Although more than contented, I was not able to pass by the bakery without buying a snack for later.
Perhaps the best Pineapple Bun I have had. I keep trying these things because everyone else seems to like them so much! A very good Portuguese Egg Tart and a Century Egg Puff  ( I keep getting these because I am proud of myself for having discovered the allure). I have always wanted to try the Boss at Metrotown but there is always a line up. Why not try the original in Chinatown? A very good idea!
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