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Sorry Sanpoutei Ramen! You lost our business today! It is not your fault other than the fact that you located in Kam Do Plaza! When every single one of too few parking spots in a strip mall is reserved by one of the businesses, then there is not going to room for some customers. I should expect that on Sunday in Richmond and just stay away. Having worked myself into a bit of a lather about that, I realized that a larger parking lot and Taiwanese food might calm me down! Hello Uncle Lu with your very snazzy menu covers!
Uncle Lu is located in Continental Shopping Centre, where parking is not perfect but far more customer friendly than Kam Do. I always fall for colorful, picture laden menus with so many choices and combos and admittedly, we had a bit of a hard time deciding just what to eat. I have come to realize that almost anything can be made better by deep frying (some possible exceptions are coffee and non dietary items such as shoes).  That is certainly the case with Abalone Mushrooms!
These were wonderful and meaty. Just a hint of basil and crisp and hot. We did not regret ordering this as a starter.
My partner was craving soup (which explains the Santpoutei Ramen parking debacle) and so ordered Marinated/Deep Fried Chicken Soup With Noodle. At first she felt like the soup needed salt but when it had cooled a bit and she put some of the chicken in the soup (not sure if that is correct procedure or not) then it started to shine. Very good broth, nice chewy noodles, some sprouts and not too much else. Very pleasant!
I am a fan of Red Fermented Pork and I enjoyed this version. The bean curd flavour was strong but not overpowering and the pork was served in thin slices.. The side dishes were also tasty especially the bamboo shoots. Even the tea that was served was very nice. I think our server told us that it is Malt Tea (barley tea if I did my research correctly) which was a little like brown rice green tea but maybe with a bit of sweetness. I will have to try some at home.
I like the high ceilings and lanterns in Uncle Lu. Big windows keep it bright and airy. Our servers were friendly and nicely attentive. I am glad that the ramen thing did not work out!
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