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Last full day in Phoenix and we decided to keep it simple but find a good place to look around at the city from somewhere up high. We decided to tackle Hayden Butte, a little hill in Tempe just close to Tempe Town Lake. One Google review claimed you can hike up in 10 to 15 minutes but I assume that reviewer is an Olympic athlete. This group of 7 had enough groceries and water for an overnight camp out and required at least 3 lengthy pauses on the path!
The view was somewhat anticlimactic but it is kind of nice up there and you can see the whole city. We had some laughs and got some exercise. Despite all the food we dragged up the hill, we still got hungry. I had tagged a place while looking at Google Maps and it turned out to be a amazing fluke of a great choice!
Portillo's Hot Dogs is a Chicago joint that has spread across the country (established in 1963). They were crazy busy when we got there at lunch time. You line up and place your order. Our order person was a little on the cranky side but I can understand why. Her feet probably hurt and it is very noisy and hard to hear. Plus we were placing an order for 7 which involved some changes!
Next, line up with your number and wait to pick up your food!
It is a fun dining area with memorabilia from Chicago (second signed picture of Guy Fieri that I have seen this week). Apparently, everyone in Chicago eats here (well not here but at Portillo's in Chicago)!
Maxwell Street Style Polish
It is not what I would call photogenic food. It gets a little mushed in the wrapping but my taste buds had no complaints! I had a Char-grilled Maxwell Street Polish! Poppy seed bun, Polish sausage with some serious snap to the casing and a pile of grilled onions and mustard. I was in heaven!
I also had a Tamale buried under cheese and onions. This is not a Mexican style tamale but what I would call the soul food version. More filling inside a thinner masa wrapping. Very good! The group put away a couple of Jumbo Chilli Cheese Dogs, Cheese Fries and a burger or two. Each item was 
Cheese Fries
less photographically cooperative than the previous. But so good! Our last meal out before the trip home and back to work is what I would choose for any last meal! A little taste of Chicago in Phoenix!

Portillo's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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