Can't Stop Smokin' - Phoenix, Arizona

Here's a silly thing to try when it is 33 Celsius in the desert at 2:00 in the afternoon. Go hiking in the hills of Phoenix!
My partner and I did not  want to be on the news as the Arizona version of geniuses that get lost in the Vancouver mountains and have to be saved by North Shore Search and Rescue. So as the sign suggested, we turned  back when out water was half gone. Unfortunately, that made for a somewhat short hike.
The dessert is beautiful and full of interesting flora and fauna (most of the fauna have the good sense to be sleeping in the shade at this time of day) but there is not an enormous difference from one hillside  to the next, so a short hike really gives you the full variety available.
There are few things as beautiful as the cacti when they are in bloom.
But watch out for these guys. They look cute and cuddly but they seem to prefer not to be touched.
Thank goodness we survived our dessert odyssey as tonight is barbecue night again!
I have been to Can't Stop Smokin' on past visits to Phoenix and have had pretty good food each time.
You order cafeteria style from their decent selection of meats and sides and impressive desserts.
The dining room is unique and fun but comfortable. On this occasion we ordered meats by the pound to bring home. Dinner would be waiting when the kids got home from the zoo.
Two pounds of pork ribs.
One pound each of brisket, pulled pork and carnitas.
Sides were corn, mustard greens, mashed potatoes, gravy, mac and cheese and slaw.
Peach and blackberry cobbler for dessert. Everything was very good. The brisket was moist and endowed with decent bark. We had dryish brisket at Porkopolis so I know that moist brisket takes some good control. The ribs had a deep smoke ring and deep smoke flavour. The other meats were moist and smokey as well. As for the sides, the mustard greens stood out for me. They were tender and close to creamy with flavorful pot liquor. And the mac and cheese was excellent. Finally, the cobbler made me remember why I love southern food. Rich and sweet, a very small portion is enough! It came to $95 after I wrangled a 15% discount (I downloaded and tried to use their app which offered a 15%  discount on your first order. Alas, at the zip/postal code line there was no way to enter letters. So I phoned in the order and whined about it and they gave me the discount!) When we got it all home, I worried that this would not feed the 7 of us. It turns out that we had enough for two dinners! So delicious barbecue at a very good price! 

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