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After going to the Vaisakhi celebration, we had the idea that Indian food would be a good idea.... but  wait...everyone is at the parade. So maybe Indian food tomorrow. Something else today. Marie and I went to Manis a couple of years ago, before I was writing reviews, and we really enjoyed it. Today, on the return visit, we took Marie's granddaughter Juelle.
Manis is a pan-Asian eatery (leaning towards Malaysian) in a newish mixed use building on Whalley Blvd near 108th. Comfortable with chic decor, it was quiet at noon on Saturday (not too surprising as the rest of Surrey was a ghost town while Vaisakhi was going on).
We shared 3 dishes and had leftovers for dinner! All for roughly $40 including tax and tips. We asked for the Mee Goring to be non spicy. Juelle has not developed a taste for spicy just yet. Still this dish was richly flavoured with a generous amount of chicken. It was an  excellent version of Mee Goring! 
The Curried Chicken with Roti Parantha did have a nice little punch. The roti itself was decidedly ungreasy. The curry was rich was nice big  pieces of  very tender chicken and potatoes.I think this was one of their lunch specials.
And of course, Laksa is our go to dish! Believe it or not, VL's Curry Bowl is our benchmark for Laksa and this one stands up very well. There was a fair amount of chicken, shrimp and tofu with a very nice coconut curry broth. Maybe not quite as rich as VL's but memory can be subjective. In any case, we would rate it excellent!
Our server was very gracious and friendly and helpfully packed up our leftovers. I don't mind when folks bring us containers to pack our own leftovers but I do take note when some one does it for us. Its just a little extra measure of service.
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