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In the less than spiffy area around 108th and King George, there are surprisingly some interesting international noshing choices for the hungry citizen. We have enjoyed Mexican, Korean, Asian fusion, and intend to try Ghanaian and Nigerian food all within a few blocks. Most recently, we made it to Di Reggae and enjoyed some Caribbean cuisine.
Di Reggae is an informal mix, to say the least, of mismatched tables and chairs and plants and Bob Marley posters and it feels warm and homey! We sat on a couple of squeaky chairs at a table with a map of Jamaica, reveled in the music and the friendly manner of our hostess. 
Jamaican Patty
We started with a requisite Jamaican Patty. This one was chicken, not too stuffed with filling but there was a bit of spice to it. The pastry was wonderfully flaky.
Deep Fried Plantains
We also enjoyed some Deep Fried Plantain Chips. I was expecting something crispier but these were on the meaty side and tasty. They were served with an nice house dressing that was along the lines of honey-mustard and a Caribbean style Scotch Bonnet Pepper sauce. This pepper sauce was of the blow-your-fool-head-off if you're not careful variety. 
Ackee and Saltfish
For main courses, we had the Ackee and Saltfish and their braise of Oxtail. The saltfish (cod) is soaked overnight to remove the salt before being cooked with Ackee, which is a fruit that reminded me a little bit of jackfruit. It was a subtly flavoured dish that we both enjoyed. The oxtail was 
amazing. Tender and rich with potatoes and dumplings. Very Nice! Both entrees were accompanied by rice and peas, salad and a deep fried bun.
There is a lot on the calendar at Di Reggae. You can check their website to see when they have live music and even comedians and other fun sounding events. Decent pricing and lots of other menu choices including curries, rotis and various jerk dishes as you might expect. Park where you can see
your car and then enjoy the warm atmosphere and tasty food at Di Reggae.

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