Vancouver Plant Based Bowls Challenge - Part 2 of 2

I had sort of allowed myself to get into spring time mode, forgetting that it is still winter until Tuesday, and was a little disappointed to slide back into the grey sky version of the city. That's not to say, we were thwarted on our quest to explore the remaining two offerings for Vancouver Foodster's Plant Based Bowl Challenge (! A nice slightly drizzly walk up Commercial Drive from Broadway Station is pleasant anytime and we arrived at Eternal Abundance without getting too cold or damp. This week, I will spare you the 'organics' diatribe (you can read my candid opinion in part one, posted last week) and stick to the food!
Eternal Abundance's offering for the challenge is called the Vibrant Sunshine Bowl. It was a hearty
Vibrant Sunshine Bowl
assortment of good things including, tomatoes, beets, carrots, avocado, some meaty (sorry vegetarians) marinated and grilled tempeh served over a mixed green leaf salad and brown rice. There were even a few tortilla chips thrown in for good measure. This was a very satisfying bowl and overall our second favorite of the challenge!
French Lentil Stew
We also enjoyed a French Lentil Stew with Bok Choy. This was hearty and delicious and I would gladly eat it every day. Eternal Abundance is a cosy light place to enjoy a good meal. They are given to the organics and cleanses and such in the retail grocery part of the store but I already promised not to whine about that ...this is very hard for me. Come by and enjoy some tasty healthy food.
Our next stop was at Lotus Seed Vegetarian Restaurant on Kingsway at Boundary. This was my favorite restaurant of the challenge locations. I found it to be the most spiritual, leaning towards a Buddhist approach to vegetarian cuisine. 
My partner and I spent some time trying to identify all the 'influential vegetarians' in the wall art but could not name them all. Recognizing Albert Einstein and the Dalai Lama were all I needed to smile.
Thai Lemongrass Curry
Thai Lemongrass Curry was the challenge offering and is
also on the regular menu. Tofu was the protein with some peas and carrots, served over rice with a pickled red cabbage garnish. The sauce was rich with coconut and had a slow building mild heat! I loved it but my partner was a little less keen. The lemongrass flavour is not her favorite thing.
Yam Soup
Their Yam Soup does not look like much but it was rich with coconut again and very filling. Very nice. You don't need to be a vegetarian to enjoy this place. There are many interesting choices on the menu. Come and eat healthy and realize that you are doing something good for the planet.

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