Saint Germain Bakery

As I wrote once before in a Zomato bakery review, I am not really a baked goods guy or a sweets guy. I am however drawn to bakeries which I find beautiful to look at and wonderful smelling. Once in a while, while enjoying that lovely bakery smell, I accidentally get sucked in and end up walking out with a bag of interesting savory and sweet items. Saint Germain has outlets at Metrotown, Oakridge, Guildford and Aberdeen centre and probably other places and to a non expert like myself, their products seem very good.
For a mere $10, this was quite an adventure.
Preserved Egg Pie
First up is a Preserved Egg Pie, and I have to tell you, I have avoided century egg. My brother tells a horror story about thinking he was going to be tasting coconut and then trying to claw out his tongue when what he got was century egg. My rule though, is that I will try almost anything and this was on my list. Surprisingly, the egg does not taste so much but is an interesting source of really solid jello. Frankly, I did not mind the experience at all and now I know that I can enjoy Century Egg Congee as well! So this was another leap forward in my foodie journey! 
Green Bean Pie
Another "pie" (wasn't it PI day recently...3.14 ?) was  green Bean! It was a little dense and I really didn't get much green bean but it was still tasty.
Pineapple Bun
I feel obliged to order Pineapple Bun when I see it but I am still a little unsure of what the allure is. This one looks quite a lot like pineapple and I was tempted just to eat the top and leave the rest. It seemed a little dry to me, like the white bread that I grew up on and abandoned as soon as I experienced whole wheat.
Curry Beef Bun
Curry Beef is also mandatory. This one had a generous amount of filling and even a small amount of bite. Very good!
Taro Bun
Taro is my partner's favourite. I took a nibble and saved it for her. Also enjoyed but not shown is a real Coconut Bun (not a preserved egg in disguise) and which I ate with out even sharing!
Egg Tart
An finally an egg tart, slightly battered in transit. It was very eggy and not too sweet.One of the best that I have had.
Even if you are not big on baked goods, it would be hard not to find something pleasing at Saint Germain Bakery.
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