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Day Two - Marie and I abandoned the young'uns to their own devices (they drove all the way to the Grand Canyon and back!), and went on our own adventure! First stop was Casa Grande (Sivan Vah'Ki to the descendants of the desert people who built it probably around 1350 C.E.) to ponder its mysterious reason for existence and its spirituality. We spent some time obsessively trying to take a
picture of a resident hummingbird with our phones (no easy task, I assure you).
From there, we made our way to Porkopolis in Chandler. The name kind of sings to you, doesn't it? I had seen Porkopolis on Ginormous Foods, so was prepared to set the dream of a healthy diet off for another day! Fully aware that we were ordering too much food but prepared for the burden of 
Deep Fried Pickles
taking some home, we ordered Deep Fried Pickles and Brisket Burnt Ends as appetizers. These pickles were amazing! Crispy and hot and the sour of the pickle was offset by the sweet of the Barbecue Sauce Aioli! And the Burnt Ends found a devoted friend in my partner. There were some extra fatty bits that
Brisket Burnt Ends

I was not so keen on but the overall briskety,sweet and smoky experience was moving!
Three Meats and One Side
At this point we had enough food to feed us both but...you know. We ordered the 3 Meat Platter that comes with one side and is a smoking deal at lunch time! We enjoyed pulled pork, brisket and ribs with Jalapeno Cole Slaw as a side. The pulled pork was my favorite and was so moist and smoky! All their meats are cooked 16 hours over mixed wood pellets! Brilliant! The ribs literally fell apart when we tried to pick them up and they were amazing with a deep and impressive smoke line! I found the brisket to be a little dry (as it often is) but Marie liked it the best because of the pure beef flavour. 
And adding a bit of sauce was perfectly acceptable. The slaw was a refreshing foil to all that meat. When it was time to pack up our vast pile of left overs, our server brought us extra barbecue sauce and aioli. 
Thanks so much you folks! Any chance of an outlet in Metro Vancouver?

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