In 'n Out Burger - Phoenix , Arizona

In the past, I have self righteously announced that I do not do chains and especially not fast food chains, usually just before I post a review for a fast food chain! Most people would acknowledge that In n Out Burger is something a little bit different. Even Anthony Bourdain likes the place! As someone else correctly pointed out, there are no breakfast burritos or salads or the nuggets of anything here. These folks do burgers and fries and shakes and nothing else. And they do them well. So still on day two of our Phoenix vacation. The kids are back from the Grand Canyon  (we did the same trip as an overnight a couple of years ago) and were hungry. We decided it would be  good time to make our pilgrimage to In n Out.
The six of us ordered and munched happily on the aforementioned burgers, fries, shakes and a couple of soft drinks. I, clever fellow that I am, knew about the secret menu! When placing my order, I glanced around to make sure no one was eavesdropping and conspiratorially leaned over to ask for peppers on my cheeseburger and a Neapolitan shake! The server was nonplussed because obviously the secret menu is not so secret and so chill out, dude.
This is a basic and very good burger. There are fancier, bigger more amazing cheese burgers in the world but not for $2.85. Decent toasted bun, fresh (not frozen) ground chuck that is well cooked on the flat top and tastes beefy, American cheese, onion, tomato, lettuce, and their sauce.
As for the fries, here they go above and beyond. The fries arrive at the restaurant door in the form of potatoes. Is that even a thing? They peel, cut and fry on site and don't over salt them.
Shakes are rich and require some lung power to draw up the straw, or there are soft drinks, lemonade, iced tea or even coffee if you prefer. The restaurant itself is bright and cheery yet comfortable and the food arrives quickly enough even though it is not waiting under a heat lamp.
According to the web site, In n Out does not own a freezer, microwave or heat lamp! What does that tell you? Everything is fresh and has to be pretty well organized too. Fortunately or unfortunately (if you are from Canada, as we are), In n Out has remained small and that doubtless has contributed to their maintaining this kind of quality! 
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