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Whisper the word Jollibee (or post a picture on Facebook) and every Filipino for miles around will text you an order for chicken to be brought back to Canada (Does that seem a bit like a stereotype? Sorry. Let's say, every Filipino that my partner knows for miles around). It is definitely a taste of home for a lot of folks and currently the Tukwila store is the nearest Jollibee to Vancouver.
Jollibee is a popular fast food place in the Philippines best known for fried chicken. And it is pretty good fried chicken, being crispy yet very moist on the inside. I wouldn't put it above Seattle's own Ezells but it is as good as Churches or any of the other Vancouver chains and a good deal better than most.
Fried Chicken with Palabok
You can order it with some interesting sides like Palabok, a noodle dish with chicharon, pork, shrimp, boiled eggs and their version is very tasty. Or try it with spaghetti. The Filipino version of spaghetti is much sweeter than the Italian and traditionally has chopped up wieners in the sauce. Not my 
Fried Chicken with Spaghetti
personal favorite but popular at Jollibee and their version is not too sweet. I know that seems odd but don't try to compare it to Italian Bolognese and it is quite tasty. Other than that, their gravy is pretty decent, with onion and celery notes. They have burgers, a decent breakfast and more.
Personally, I wouldn't drive to Seattle just for Jollibee (my partner would) but when we are down there we definitely make the stop. Also it is surrounded by a few other Filipino places like the grocery store Seafood City which has amazing fresh fish and some harder to find Filipino items, a couple of bakeries and  least two more fast food places. If you are Filipino, you already know (sorry... stereotype again) and if you are not, you owe it to yourself to expand your cultural horizons!
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