Chi Men - West End , Vancouver

I have been wanting to go to Chi Men ever since I saw pictures of their wall art! An interesting space doesn't make the food taste better but it puts me in a better mood and I expect that has an influence on my taste bud to brain communication.
Chi Men is a nice little space on Denman Street that I imagine gets very busy at times. I was there early and was seated right away. As you can see from the art, noodles are the main character here. I enjoyed their Beef Noodle Soup with 1.5mm noodles. There is a choice of 5 thicknesses, 2 of which were available when I was there. They were nicely cooked and maintained a bit of chewiness. I was disappointed to learn that they were not made in house but its not the end of the world.
The stock which is made in house was a little salty but had decent beefy flavour. There was a fairly generous portion of tender beef and some nice cilantro, green onion etc. I had a Spanish Mackerel
Salad which was frankly wonderful! Not to complicated; just a lot of smokey tasty mackerel and worth the price of admission. Chi Men has a few charcoal BBQ items on their menu in small taste sized portions and a couple of other interesting items to make it an inexpensive and enjoyable spot. 
The folks were friendly and efficient while the seating is comfortable and not too crowded. A nice place if you are enjoying English Bay or the West End!
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