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Walking into Henderson Place Mall in Coquitlam makes me a little sad. It doesn't have the air of a thriving centre of commerce with several empty store fronts and evidence of businesses that did not make it. There is upstairs however, a nice little food court with a few interesting places that I would like to try and that always cheers me up! We started with Seoul Truck Street Food that we have wanted to visit for some time.
The menu here is fairly simple based around some pretty good fried chicken.  It is Korean street food as you may have guessed by the name but bills itself as being with a modern twist. It seems to be a successful twist for sure!

We tried 2 types of their popcorn fried chicken in the Soy and Garlic flavours. These were tender and crisp little morsels that were delicious in both flavours. It was the start of some extreme garlic breath but we did not mind!
I mean this is a lot of garlic. My response to that was to order even more garlic!
These were the Seoul Soul City signature chicken wings with garlic and green onion sauce. These are pretty decent wings with another great quantity of raw garlic. We loved it and will probably not get another cold for months. Be prepared with some sort of breath mints! I mean seriously. 
I've come to really enjoy Korean rice cakes. Ddeok-ko-chi in red  (sweet and spicy) and yellow (cheddar cheese with sprinkled sugar), these are deep fried and have a lovely chewy texture. They are not quite as vibrant looking as the food styled web site picture but they are tasty just the same.
Pickled radish is a perfect foil for all that deep fried food. A nice choice in a decent food court close to the sky train station. Give this place a try!

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