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Those of you familiar with the patriarch Abraham, a man of importance to members of the Islamic, Christian and Jewish faiths alike, will recognise Ur as the ancient city of his birth. It was located in southern Iraq and was part of the famed Chaldean Kingdom of Babylon. I would not have known that there was a restaurant bearing the name if it were not for Google maps. I was fooling around looking for an address when I noticed it located on 108a Avenue, a street used by no one but locals (or very lost people).
But there it is! Not much to look at from the outside but a nice little restaurant run by an Iraqi family and as we would see, turning out some delicious food at very good prices. There was some initial humorous confusion ( we arrived at 3:00 in the afternoon and weren't sure if anyone was actually working here!) but I am not shy about sitting down and waiting for someone to appear.
Once we got acquainted with the proprietor ( a very nice gentleman who arrived in Canada 15 years ago from Iraq, if I understood correctly) and looked at the menu, we started with an excellent Fatoush Salad. This was full of mint and fresh crunchy vegetables. It was refreshing on this hot day.
The Babaganoush was spectacular ! It was smokey and glazed in rich olive oil. It was perfect for dipping with very nice pita of the thicker  more pillowy variety, that was quite fresh.
For main courses, the restaurant offers smaller plates for around $10 (which were frankly not small at all!). We tried the Chicken Taouk and Ur Kabob plates and as you can see from the photos each comes with one skewer but lots of rice and veges.
My partner registered a smile of delight as soon as she dug into the chicken. I knew we were onto something here and sure enough, it was nicely charred yet tender and redolent of the yogurt and lemon in which it had obviously been marinating. 
The Ur Kabob was ground lamb and beef , gently spiced and tender. The full dish would come with a second kabob. I only took one photo of the interior of the restaurant which for some reason is quite blurry but you can see the room on Google. It is a very nice space with plants and comfortable seating, and easy on the eyes, appropriate decor. Adjacent to the restaurant is a little Syrian bakery which boasts some beautiful looking desserts that we intend to explore on another occasion. You know that feeling of finding a hidden gem? That is how we feel right now! Bookmark Ur Restaurant as a place to visit soon!
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