Planted Expo Vancouver Part 1 featuring Dr Michael Greger

Finally, the weekend arrived for the Planted Expo! We had been anticipating it for a while and enduring the social media teasers from Toronto and Seattle as they had their shows first.

Don't look too closely at the photo above as you may notice last year's date somewhere in the details. I cleverly forgot to take a current photo. We arrived a little too late for a swag bag (first 250 only) but enjoyed this expo immensely anyway. I feel obliged to put up 2 posts as there was so much of significance starting with Dr. Michael Greger!
He is here on the heels of the release of his new book, "How Not To Age." All sales of the book this weekend are being donated to charity but I couldn't tell you which one. At least that way it didn't feel like the presentation was designed to flog his book although, I feel like I might have to get myself a copy.
The man presented a lot of information in short order at breakneck speed. This was not an anecdotal information presentation as each point was backed up by the studies that had investigated the various hypotheses. If I had to summarize, I would say eat your greens and really watch your salt! I'm pretty sure Dr. Greger announced that he is moving to Vancouver so lucky us. Maybe he will have more frequent local speaking engagements. If you are not familiar, check out his YouTube videos and web site.
The doctor's talk was the last thing on our agenda and though we had sampled everything that was to be sampled from the many exhibitors, we were still a little peckish and Veg-Out was present!
I know that this Bacon Ranch Chicken Burger is probably way over Dr. Gregor's RDA for salt but we will start not aging tomorrow! These guys make top-notch burgers, fries (sold out) and shakes and we don't see them that often so we indulged.
Working backwards from the end of our tour, a few of the impressive products we came across that will likely appear in our lives occasionally included Vinker making vegan Korean Fried Chicken! The double battering and double deep frying are the key to KFC (in addition to sauce) and they seemed to nail it. I was happy to explain the concept to a person who went vegan before KFC made its appearance in Metro Vancouver and she was impressed too! Just so you know, we don't do a lot of "fake meat" or other admittedly unhealthy treats but once in a while...
Pretty cool that Anh and Chi Restaurant had a booth. They have had vegan items on their menu for quite a while and they are on our list! Obviously, we haven't made it yet but we will.
We have already signed up for our Plant Curious membership for this year. This time around, rather than a book, we have an app. There will be changing offerings and there is a bonus for signing up early! We have loved the book the last 2 years and it gets better every time. We have found a lot of vegan eateries that we might never have known about!
Stay tuned for part 2 of this blog post which should actually be part 1. Another highlight of the show is an actual dairy farm (with cows) that changed to plant-based milk and products. Our heroes!

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