Vege Garden Pizza and Coffee Shop - Vegan Options

So I saw a couple of posts on Instagram about Vege Garden Pizza and Coffee Shop. The posts sorted some cheese confusion and served to reassure us that they do indeed serve some vegan pizza options here. So we set off to 128th Street and 84th to check them out.

Located in one of the many tilt-up concrete strip malls in Surrey, there is at least decent parking to be had. Unlike the strip malls in Richmond, the many businesses here don't seem to be squabbling over individual parking spaces. 
VGP uses some kind of vegan cheese and sauce and they are specific about it on their menu. Their on-line menu is somewhat confusing as they have a vegan pizza section but there are paneer pizzas within that menu section. I didn't even ask if they were using vegan paneer as I'm pretty sure that is just not a thing. So you still have to steer carefully.
We ordered 2 medium pizzas and I will say this, they make damn good pizza! The first is their Cashew Pizza and I was sort of assuming cashew cheese but this is a cheese and vegetable pizza with cashews! They are generous with the cashews also and they are not crunchy and roasted but nicely cooked so that the texture is pleasant. The crust is pretty good also with a nice chew and just a hint of yeast!
The other was their Sweet and Spicy which we ordered medium spicy and it came with a nice kick. My wife likes her Hawaiian pizza and this one came with pineapple which was as close as we could get. An assortment of chilis gave it the spicy so there was no surprise there. Again, decent crust and they are generous with the toppings. The vegan cheese was OK. It was not the best we have ever had but it was fairly melty, and again, they were not cheap with it.
There is nothing else on the menu that is vegan even though they have a nice selection of South Asian dishes. Ghee everywhere, I guess. There is a small dining section with some booths and a table. The only gripe I have is that the web site is obviously behind the reality. If you have a web site, you need to keep it current. We paid $5 more at the cash register than I expected based on web site pricing for 2 pizzas. Not a big deal but it turns out that all vegan pizzas are $19.05 regardless of size. I ordered 2 mediums on the phone and someone could have said, "Hey. It costs the same if you order 2 larges!" I don't feel ripped off because we got very good vegan pizza but they are clearly not customer service forward and I am still feeling a little annoyed a few days later.

Food                          4 out of 5
Vegan Options          3 out of 5
Comfort                     3 out of 5
Service                      2 1/2 out of 5
Value                         3 out of 5

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