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We didn't come across Archr Coffee (that's e) in the usual way. I didn't find it on Google or read about its upcoming opening on some food blog. My wife needed to see her physiotherapist about some back discomfort and he was working out of a new location a couple of days a week. The location is a wellness clinic in the Xchange at 20161 86 Avenue in Langley. I came with her a couple of times and decided to grab a coffee at Archr in the same complex. In addition to pretty good coffee, they turned out to have a few vegan treats.

After my first visit, I went back a couple of more times as they were always out of the goal to which I was aspiring, their breakfast sandwich. Admittedly, I was usually showing up in the afternoon.
Their baked goods all come from Too Live For Bakery so we have been saved a trip to Vancouver at the very least. This Chocolate Cookie is a work of art and delicious.
Also from To Live For, the Lemon Loaf is definitely worth your time. It has those little crystalized sugar bits which separates it from your run-of-the-mill lemon loaf. This is not meant to be a review of TLF but it is nice to know you can get something sweet to go with your very good coffee.
Not sure who actually makes the breakfast sandwich at Archr but it is damn good. Not cheap at $12 but with vegan egg, sausage, cheese, tomato, mayo and hot sauce on a toasted English Muffin, it was substantial. In addition to the breakfast sandwich, they offer a vegan lunch sub which looked pretty good but I didn't actually try it. 
So while Starbucks doesn't seem that interested in vegans, there are local places (local if you live in Langley) that have something to offer. Archr has been busy each of the times I have been by but it's a comfortable and pleasant room.
Plant-based milk doesn't seem to be a problem either. I drink my coffee black but on one occasion, I enjoyed an oat milk flat white. Very nice! I just wanted you to know about this option for the hungry vegan in Langley.

Food                     3 1/2 out of 5
Vegan Options      3 out of 5
Comfort                 4 1/2 out of 5
Service                  4 out of 5
Value                     3 1/2 out of 5

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